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The lake is not wide and deep, about three meters long and two meters wide by two meters deep. The water is clear and clear, never dry even though drought. It is on a bund, under the shade, splendor, and shade of the trees, especially the lemon tree. If the lemon trees bloom, swarm the birds and the insects suck on honey. On the surface of the land it spread with the fertile of a kind of plant, the name of the gadung. Gadung has a large tuber and can be made into a tasty cracker and tasty. However, if less skillful process can be toxic to people who eat it because of intoxicating.
 The area is inhabited by a handsome man, Awang Sukma his name. He lives alone and has no wife. He became a ruler in the area. Therefore, he holds the data. In addition to his handsome face, he is also adept at blowing the flute. The songs touch the feelings of anyone who listens.

Awang Sukma often harvest birds when the lemon trees are flowering and the birds drip honey sucking. He put the sap of the already cooked tree by sticking it in the bamboo slats. The bamboo blades that have been given the sap are called pulut. The pulut was placed on the sidelines of the flower stalk. When the birds land, the wingspan will stick in the pulut. The more the bird struggled, the more tightly its wings were attached. Finally, the bird floundered to the ground with the blades of the pulut. Then, Awang Sukma catches it and puts it in the basket. Usually, dozens of birds can be brought home. It is said that that is why among the inhabitants, Awang Sukma dubbed Datu Suling and Datu Pulut.

However, one day the atmosphere in the area was very quiet. There are no birds and no insects are interested in approaching the blooming Iimau flowers.

"Wonder," said Awang Sukma, "it looks like the lemon blossoms are poisonous so the birds do not want to come anymore." Awang Sukma does not despair. Lying in the shade of the limes, he sang beautiful songs through his flute. Always so he did while keeping his pulut hit. Actually by blowing the flute, he wanted to amuse himself. Because with the rhythm of the flute rhythm, his longing for those he left behind was rather healed. It is said that Awang Sukma is a migrant from a distant land.

Awang Sukma was stunned by his flute rhythm. The gentle breeze that stroked her hair made her sleepy. Finally, the distillation echo disappears and the flute lies on its side. He fell asleep.

I do not know how long he was lulled into a dream, he suddenly woke up to the alarm of the flapping wings. He did not believe in his eyesight. Her eyes were rubbed.

 Apparently, there are seven beautiful young princess down from the sky. They flew to the lake. Not long afterwards, there was a loud noise and laughter burst into the water.

"I want to see them up close," murmured Awang Sukma as he searched for a spot for a peek that was not easily known to the person being peeped.

From the hideout, Awang Sukma can look more clearly. The seven daughters had no idea that a pair of handsome eyes sharply enjoyed their bodies. Awang Sukma's eyes stop at their clothes scattered on the edge of the lake. The clothes are both a means to fly them as they descend to the lake and return to their homes in heaven. Surely they are angels who descend to mayapada.

Satisfied in the clear water of the lake, they play around on the edge of the lake. It is said, their game called surui lady. They are busy playing so do not know Awang Sukma took and hid the clothes of one of the princesses. Then, the clothes were put into a bumbung (tube from the reeds used cooking lemang). The barn is hidden in the kindai (barn where rice is stored).

When the seven daughters wanted to wear their clothes back, one of them found no clothes. Awang Sukma's actions make them panic. The princess who lost her clothes is the youngest daughter, the most beautiful coincidence. As a result, the youngest daughter can not fly back to heaven.

Confusion, fear, and resentment make the youngest daughter helpless. At that time, Awang Sukma came out of his hiding place.

"Daughter do not be afraid and sad," persuasion Awang Sukma, "stay while with the servant."

There is no reason for the youngest daughter to refuse. The youngest daughter lived with Awang Sukma.

Awang Sukma felt that the youngest daughter was his soul mate so he asked for her hand. Youngest daughter was willing to be his wife. They become a very harmonious couple, between beauty and beauty, wisdom and meekness, in the bond of love. The fruit of their love is a princess who is named Kumalasari. His face and skin inherited his mother's beauty.

Apparently it is already customary of the world, nothing is everlasting and eternal on this earth. What is hidden Awang Sukma during this finally smelled.
That afternoon, Awang Sukma slept very well. He felt very tired after work. His wife sat beside her daughter's crib, who was also sound asleep. At that moment, a black cock went up into the barn. He scratched and poked the rice on the surface of the barn while clucking with noisy. Rice was scattered to the floor.

Youngest daughter hunting him. Unintentionally his eyes stared at a bumbung in the former black chicken kaisan earlier. The youngest daughter picked up the granary because she wanted to know what was inside. How surprised his heart after seeing the contents of the barn.

"It turns out, my husband is hiding my clothes so I can not go home with my brothers," he said while clutching the clothes.

Feelings of the youngest daughter raged so that her chest went up. He felt furious, annoyed, deceived, angry, and sad. Various flavors that mingle with love to her husband.

"I have to go back," he told himself.

Then, the youngest daughter wore the clothes. After that, he holds his daughter who has not been a year old. She hugged and kissed her daughter as much as she cried. Kumalasari was crying. The mother and child cry made Awang Sukma awake.

Awang Sukma stunned as he stared at the clothes worn by his wife. The barn where the clothes were hidden lay on the kindai. He realized that the moment of separation could not be postponed again.

"Adina must return," said his wife. "Kanda, keep our daughter, Kumalasari. If he missed his mother, take seven seeds of candlenuts, put them into a basket. Then, the basket Kanda jiggle. Sing a song with Kanda's flute. Adinda will come and see him. "

The youngest daughter flies and disappears in space leaving her beloved husband and daughter. His wife's message was done. However the longing for his wife had to be buried because they could not unite as usual. Her love spilled over to Kumalasari, her daughter. It is said that Awang Sukma swears and forbids his offspring to keep the black cock that is considered to bring disaster to him.

The lake referred to in the above legend is then named Telaga Bidadari, located in the village of Pematang Gadung. The village belongs to the Sungai Raya subdistrict, eight kilometers from the town of Kandangan, the capital of Hulu Sungai Selatan district of South Kalimantan Province.

Until now, Telaga Bidadari is visited by many people. In addition, there are no residents who keep black chickens, purportedly according to the oath of Awang Sukma who holds Datu Pulut and Datu Suling.

Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris "Legenda Telaga Bidadari"

A long time ago on the island of Java, Indonesia, some farmers live. They have been married for several years but they did not have children. So they prayed for a monster called Buta Ijo give their children. Buta Ijo is fierce and powerful monster. He granted their wishes on one condition. When their children have grown, they have to sacrifice them to Buta Ijo. He likes to eat fresh human flesh. The farmers agreed to the condition. Several months later the pregnant wife.

She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They named her Timun Emas. Farmers liked. Cucumber Gold is very healthy and a very smart girl. He is also very hard. When he was a teenager Buta Ijo came to their house. Cucumber Gold scared so he ran and hid. The farmer later said Buta Ijo Timun Emas was a child. They asked him to hold off. Buta Ijo agree. He promised to come again. Buta Ijo come next year again. But again and again the parents they say that Timun Emas was a child.When Buta Ijo third time came when their parents have to prepare something for him. They gave the Golden Cucumber some bamboo needles, seeds of cucumber, sauce and salt.'Cucumbers, take things''What is it?'"This is your weapon. Buta Ijo will chase you. He'll eat you alive. So run as fast as you can. And if he's going to catch you deploy it to the ground. Go now! 'Cucumber Gold scared so he ran as fast as he could. Buta Ijo When he arrived home away from home. He was furious when he realized that his prey had left. So he ran after her. He had a sharp nose so he knows what direction to run its prey.Cucumber Gold is only a temporary Buta Ijo girl is a monster so he can easily catch up. When he was just a few steps behind the Golden Cucumber quickly spread the seeds of cucumbers. In the second they turn out to be a lot of cucumber vines. Fatigue Buta Ijo very thirsty so he grabbed and ate them. When Buta Ijo busy eating cucumbers Cucumber Gold can escape.But soon Buta Ijo realized and started running again. When he was just a few steps behind Timun Emas threw his bamboo needle. Soon they are transformed into lush bamboo trees. Buta Ijo find it difficult to pass. It took him some time to break dense bamboo forest. Meanwhile Cucumber Gold can run farther.Buta Ijo after him again. When he almost caught it again and again Timun Emas threw her dressing. This time it turned into a lake. Buta Ijo busy saving themselves so Timun Emas ran way. But Buta Ijo can handle and continue to pursue it.Finally when almost caught Timun Emas he threw his salt. Soon the land where Buta Ijo stood became sea. Buta Ijo was drowned and died instantly.Cucumber Gold grateful to God and back to his home.

By : Cerita Rakyat Terlengkap Indonesia

Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Timun Mas

Once, in the region Galela , North Halmahera , North Maluku , there was a village named Lisawa . This hamlet is still relatively quiet , because it is only inhabited by a few families who occupy some dadaru ( home ) . The hamlet is also classified as hard water areas , because almost the entire territory consists of rocks . To get clean water for drinking , cooking , and bathing , the residents have to walk away . However, the population continues to live safe , peaceful , and quiet .

In this hamlet a handsome young man who nicknamed Magohiduuru , and a beautiful girl who nicknamed Majojaru . They are faithful lovers - as lively as dead . Actually , Magohiduuru eager to woo Majojaru . However , he did not dare to express that intention to his girlfriend , because he realized that in order to support themselves is difficult , especially if a family. Realizing his situation , Magohiduuru decided to go wander . After work, then he will return Majojaru apply . It was his intention to convey to both parents and the blessing . After that , he immediately met her love .

` My sister ! Anyone want to tell you ! " Said Magohiduuru ."What is it , brother ! Say ! "Urged Majojaru ." My sister ! Sister wanted to go wander looking for food for our future together. Once successful, the brother will soon be back to ask you . Is sister would faithfully wait till sister home ? "Asked Magohiduuru .

Majojaru stunned for a moment . He paused with a blank look . His mind would fly away imagining herself abandoned by her lover whom she loved it . His heart was very sad at the thought. However , after thinking with a clear mind , she realizes that her lover had said was true , for the sake of their future better .

" Well , Sis ! If the brother whose heart was about to go abroad , go sister ! Sister would faithfully wait for you . Kakaklah sister 's only hope in this life . Kakaklah lively love - as dead sister , "said Majojaru ." But , do not forget to come back soon if Brother has succeeded ! " Message.How glad heart Magohiduuru hear the pledge of allegiance and the blessing of the Beloved ." Yes , my sister ! Brother promised to be back soon , because ye belong to only one sister . May God Almighty grant us a pledge to lively - as dead , "said Magohiduuru .

The next day , said goodbye to Majojaru Magohiduuru . Although they had known each other for a while to give up part , Majojaru heavy hearts still harbor feelings for her lover farewell , as well as a feeling Magohiduuru with a heavy heart to leave her beloved . However , whatever the case , Magohiduuru was determined hard to wander . He also went to the country by ship across the screen .

Magohiduuru already one year overseas , had not yet returned . Majojaru heart was getting restless . One day when a walk to the pier , Majojaru saw a ship at anchor . Hopefully , he approached the boat lover who knows who eagerly been waiting there among the passengers . He watched every passenger who got off the ship with full carefully . All the passengers had got off the boat , but the person he was looking not too visible . Eventually , he ventured to ask where his girlfriend to one of the crew .

" Excuse me , sir ! May I disturb a minute ? " Sapa Majojaru ."Yeah , what's up ? Anyone can I help you ? " Asked the crew ." Yes , sir ! Is my boyfriend knew Mr. , Magohiduuru ? If not mistaken , last year he was aboard the Sir heading across the country . Is Mr. 've heard from him ? " Majojaru asked." Ooo ... Magohiduuru , handsome young man who was unfortunate , "said the ship 's crew .Hearing the answer , Majojaru was startled ." Hey , what the Lord mean that poor boy ? What happened to him , sir ? "Asked Majojaru with great curiosity .

The crew was told that a month ago Magohiduuru died overseas since the accident while at work . As if struck by lightning in broad daylight Majojaru heard the bad news . He seemed not to believe the fate of her lover . Destroyed all his hopes . Pledge of allegiance to lively as they once swore semati became lost.

With a sad heart and body limp , Majojaru staggered back to his home . Before reaching the village , he sought shelter to calm her . He was sitting on a rock under a banyan tree lament the fate that has befallen her lover . He was crying uncontrollably up to three days and three nights . The tears kept flowing like an unstoppable broken levees . Over time , her tears flooded and drowned the rocks where he sat until he was joined drowned and died . Not long after , forming a small lake where the water is clear and bluish eyes water .

A few days later , a resident was looking for firewood around the place . How shocked he was when he saw the small lake .

" Hey , why the sudden there lake in this place ? " He muttered .Without much thought , he immediately informed the existence of the lake to the residents of the hamlet Lisawa . Hearing the news, the people were in an uproar . Elders (village head ) with some of the people immediately flocked to see the lake . Upon arrival at the site , their astonishment and confusion .

" Hey , do you know when spring appears ? " Asked the elders to the people who first found the lake ." No, sir ! Lake was already there when I passed by this place , " the resident said ." Wow , is this a sign of something bad will happen in our village , sir ? " Said a resident of the other ." I do not know . But , we have to investigate the causes of this lake , "said traditional elders .Finally , indigenous elders and some of the residents are returning to the village . Elders immediately hit dolodolo ( drums ) to collect all its citizens . Before long , the residents were already gathered in his yard ." Oh , all wargaku ! Know ! In the village we had just occurred a strange incident . A small lake suddenly appeared at the edge of the village . Therefore , we must hold a ceremony to unveil the mystery of the existence of the lake ! "Said traditional elders .

Hearing the appeal , the village sepepuh immediately prepare everything to hold ceremonial purposes summoning the spirits of ancestors and the worship of Jou Jou Giki Moi or Maduhutu ( One God or the Creator God ) . After a traditional ceremony that takes place , there came a whisper from them which read lehuhur spirits as follows :

" Arising from sininga irogi de itepi sidago Congo formerly de i uhi imadadi majobubu ak " . ( Meaning : Arising from a broken heart devastated , tears , mangalir and flows into the fountain ) .Got the answer , elders also closed the ceremony and immediately rang dolodolo . Before long , the residents had gathered to listen to the findings that will be presented by the elders ."O , wargaku ! Know ! The existence of the lake caused by the tears of a girl from a broken heart widowed by her boyfriend , "said traditional elders .

Once finished elders convey the information , the atmosphere had become silent . All people who were present wondered to myself who the lovers . In the midst of the silence , again indigenous elders spoke up and asked the citizens .

" Hey , who among you who are currently members of his family were not in the village? " Asked the elders .At the question , the people were looking at each other . Each busy counting the number of family members . A few moments later , a middle-aged man raised his hand . He was the father Magohiduuru ." I do , sir ! " Said father Magohiduuru ." Who are the members of your family and where did it go? " Asked the elders .

Magohiduuru father was also told that a year ago his son named Magohiduuru go wander , but has not returned . As soon as the middle-aged man after the story, the father was told that his daughter Majojaru , Majojaru , already three days did not go home . He was looking everywhere but did not find him . He also told me that in fact , her daughter and Magohiduuru were lovers and they have promised to each other as lively as dead .

Of information and Majojaru that Magohiduuru father , elders suspect that something is happening on the lovers . Having traced everywhere , they finally heard from the crew that Magohiduuru have died overseas . They also received information that Majojaru have learned about the death of her lover . Heard all the testimony , the elders and the whole of Hamlet Lisawa also believes that the formation of the lake comes from Majojaru tears because her lover wept . To commemorate the sad event , the locals named the lake Telaga Biru , because the water is clear and bluish eyes water . They also promised to maintain and care for the lake .

By : Cerita Rakyat Terlengkap Indonesia

Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Asal Mula Telaga Biru

In ancient times , coastal areas Tobelo , North Maluku , have very abundant marine wealth . Various types of fish live in the area . One of them is fish papayana . This type of fish is very popular with local fishermen because the meat was delicious and had a lot of eggs are good to eat . In addition , fish eggs papayana believed to maintain the safety of fishermen while fishing at sea in bad weather conditions . It is very easy ie save the papayana fish eggs at home before heading out to sea .

Among the fishermen in the area , there was a fisherman named Malaihollo . Malaihollo has a wife and two children . The first son of a woman named O Bia Moloku while youngest son of a man who was a toddler named O Bia Mokara . To support his family , every day Malaihollo looking fish in the sea .One day , home from sea Malaihollo earlier than usual days because of very bad weather at sea . The wind blew hard and the waves are very ferocious . However , that day he managed to acquire a substantial papayana fish and lay many eggs . With happy hearts and move hurriedly , he brought the fish into the house to be left to his wife .

" Ma ... Ma ... , Papa come home ! " Exclaimed Malaihollo .Heard the cry , beloved wife immediately welcomed his arrival ."What is it , Papa ! Why Daddy is back from the sea ? Is not early in the morning ? " She asked surprised ." Look , Ma ! Papa brings a very big fish papayana . Please fish with eggs cooked now for our lunch later ! Papa wanted to return to the sea to fish , " message Malaihollo .

" Well , Pa ! " She replied as she brought the fish to the kitchen to be cooked .

Despite knowing very bad weather at sea , Wife Malaihollo still not considering the safety of her husband . He believes that by saving her husband papayana fish eggs will be fine for fishing.After cooked , fish and fish eggs are papayana he kept in the closet . After that , the wife Malaihollo intend to take the vegetables in the garden .

" Moloku , 'm going to the garden for a while . Do you eat fish that Mama store in the closet ! If you eat fish eggs , then your Dad would be in danger at sea , " message Malaihollo wife to his oldest son who was playing with his sister on the home page .

" Well , Mama ! " O Bia Moloku responsibility .Shortly after the mother left, suddenly O Bia Mokana crying because of hunger .

"Sister , sister hungry . Sister will eat fish eggs , " said O Bia Mokana ." Do not , my sister ! We should not eat the fish eggs before papa came home from the sea , " O Bia Moloku persuaded .

O Bia Moloku kept trying to persuade her sister to playing him in order not to think of the fish eggs . Initially , O Bia Mokana stop crying and get back to playing . However , every few moments later , O Bia Mokana back tears because it was no longer endure hunger .

"Sister , sister hungry . Sister would eat the fish eggs , "pleaded O Bia Mokana whining .

The longer , O Bia Mokana cry harder . In fact , she was crying and thrashing his body and roll - roll on the ground . Therefore feel sorry for her sister , O Bia Moloku also take some chunk of fish eggs in the closet and given to her sister . O Bia Mokana eat greedily so that the fish eggs gone in an instant . However , apparently some fish eggs was not filling the stomach O Bia Mokana so he returned to his brother asking for fish eggs .

" Brother, I'm still hungry . I asked for fish eggs anymore , "pleaded O Bia Mokana whining .Finally , O Bia Molaka give all fish eggs are there in the closet to his brother in order not whining anymore . With a happy heart , O Bia Mokana soon devoured the fish eggs until exhausted . Once full , the youngest Malaihollo was back playing happily .

Meanwhile , the mother who was still in the garden rushed back to the house because it was almost noon ."Well , I should go home . Soon my husband came home from the sea , " he muttered .

When he arrived home , his wife was very happy to see Malaihollo her children were playing happily in the yard. After putting her vegetables in the kitchen , he then carried the youngest . How wonderful heart O Bia Moloku be in the arms of her mother while bersendau - joke . By the time he was laughing , the mother saw many remains of fish eggs in between her teeth . The mother began to feel suspicious and anxious . He immediately took off the youngest of his arms and hurried to the kitchen to check on the eggs of fish kept in the closet . Once opened the cabinet , the mother immediately fly off the handle because the fish eggs have been left out without the slightest.

" O Bia Moloku ! Come on ! " Cried the mother ."What is it , Mama ? " Said O Bia Moloku ." Where is mother pepayana fish eggs keep in the closet ? " The mother said , looking worried ." Sorry But ... ! Mokara O Bia was crying whining want to eat the fish eggs . Moloku not bear to see her cry constantly . So , Moloku forced to give him the fish eggs , " said O Bia Moloku nervously .

Hearing her eldest child , like a middle-aged woman was struck by lightning . For a moment , he was stunned and his whole body was trembling . He felt no bad feeling towards her husband, who are looking for fish in the sea . Since her marriage , she always keeps her message . Therefore , he believed that the habit of saving the fish roe pepayana really proved its worth , her husband never got the time to go to sea disaster even in bad weather conditions .

" Well , because you did not obey the advice of parents , then forced to leave your Mama ! " Threatened her Mama .

" Forgive us , Mama ! Do not leave us ! " O Bia Moloku pity .The mother does not want to hear the words of his son . He immediately ran out of the house towards the beach . Seeing her mama go , the youngest was crying . O Bia Moloku soon holding his brother and pursued their mama .

" Mama , come back ! Cried the youngest ... The Youngest thirsty ... ! " Cried O Bia Moloku ." Peraslah katang leaves ! There is no milk , " the mother replied as he continued running .

Finally , O Bia Moloku pausing to squeeze katang leaves and watered his sister . Meanwhile , the farther the mother left them . After a full sister , O Bia Moloku immediately picked him and returned to pursue their mama . Once they arrived at the beach , the mother was standing in front of a large rock .

" Mama , do not leave us ! We promise not to violate counsel Mama , " O Bia Moloku pity .However , the determination to leave their mother can no longer be prevented . He immediately climbed on top of a large rock and said : "O , great rock ! Opened so that I could get in you ! "

Miraculously , the boulder gradually split into two . So large rock was wide open , the mother immediately went into it . After that , the mother asked the rock to be closed again ."O , Large Rock ! Mengatuplah ! " Cried the mother .

Heard the command , the stone was shut again very quickly without leaving gaps or cracks in the slightest . Needless to say , the wife Malaihollo it was swallowed by a large stone . Seeing the incident , O Bio Moloku and her sister continue their mama wept . Boulder Malaihollo wife swallows are then called Batu Belah . Until now , Batu Belah can still be found in areas of North Maluku .

By : Cerita Rakyat Terlengkap Indonesia

Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Batu Belah

Previously , in the Baliem Valley lived a tribe called tribe Walait . Baliem Valley is located atop Mount Jayawijaya is surrounded by large expanses of dense forest . In the woods there are many wild animals , especially wild boar . That is why , most of the tribal people Walait worked as a boar hunter . Most of their catch for the side dish eaten day-to- day , and some others for breeding .

Among the tribal population there was a girl named Waliat Jelita . He only lived together with his father because his mother had died . Daily , pretty girl works as a swineherd , while his father went to the forest to gather wood , tubers , and other forest products .

The father always told to avoid Jelita pigs graze around the lake , not far Walait residential areas." Jelita , my daughter ! Never you graze pigs around the lake ! "Said the father ." Well , Well , " replied the Jelita .

One day , his father Jelita forget the message . He let the pigs roam around Lake Walait . Grass around the lake was indeed grow lush and green because no one dared pigs graze there . While waiting for his pet pig grazing , pretty girl sitting under a tree shade . Not long after , pig - pig died suddenly after eating something lying on the shores of the lake . Seeing the incident , Jelita panicked .

" Oh , Dad would get mad at all if you know this, " muttered the Jelita .With feelings of fear , Jelita came home to tell the incident to her father . The father heard the bad news became angry .

" Basic child can not be set ! " Cried the father , "Dad told you to graze there , but you do not hear the advice of my father . Away from this house ! "" Jelita sorry , Dad ! Jelita actually forgot the advice of my father . Gosh Dad , do not expel Jelita ! Jelita not have anyone else besides my father , " whined Jelita in the presence of his father .

Although Jelita already whining , the father remains away. With a broken heart , poor girl was left home . Because it confused where to go , he decided to go to Lake Walait . At the edge of the lake , he sat down pondered the unfortunate fate .

" Yes , Lord ! There's no point anymore in this world to live slaves . Servants do not have anybody else , " she lamented .

After saying this , Jelita Walait plunge into the lake . On the authority of God , he turns into a little fish . Since then , that's the girl who has been fruitful a fish that lives in the lake .

Meanwhile , across Lake Walait , lived a tribe called Akeima also led by Hulogolik . The number of women in the tribe when it was still a little Akeima so many men who are not married , including Hulogolik . One time , Hulogolik go meditated in a cave to ask the gods to be awarded a wife to continue his descendants . When he was engrossed in meditation , he suddenly heard a voice whisper in his ear ."O , Hulogolik . If you get a wife , crowding out the existing Walai tribes around Lake Walait ! " The voice cried .

Hulogolik also obey the supernatural message . Along with members of his clan , tribal fighting Hulogolik Waliat and managed to drive them out of that place . Due to fatigue , the chief resting under a tree on the shore of Lake Walait to sleep . In lelapnya , he received an order from God in order to take off his head ."O , Hulogolik . Cut your head separated from your body up . After that , go to the lake Walait ! " Cried the Gods .

Once awakened , Hulogolik immediately obey the command . With a body without a head , he immediately plunged into the lake . The fish is in the lake that was entered into the body until it is full . After returning to shore , Hulogolik remove all the fish that is in his body onto the grass . After that , head and body back together . Miraculously , the fish suddenly transformed into beautiful girls beautiful. Apparently , the fish is the embodiment of the girls are often lost in the vicinity of Lake Walait . Finally , Hulogolik took home the girls to his village to marry and also the people of his tribe were indeed many who have not married .

However , unbeknownst Hulogolik , one of his men noticed his behavior when he plunged into the lake Walait . The next day , the people that want to do as by recourse to Hulogolik with evil spirits ." All right , I 'll help you , but on condition that you have to persuade Hulogolik Walait tribes to fight back , " said the demon .

The residents agreed that requirement. As a result , he managed to persuade his tribe 's head so that the battle between the two tribes was rekindled . The war claimed many victims . After the war finished , the men approached the lake Hulogolik Walait and perform such conduct as that of his master .

However , without realizing it anyway , it turns out there is a another citizen who peeked out from behind the bushes . As soon as he plunged into the lake without a head , peeping residents who took his head and quickly left . When the men came back Hulogolik ground , his head was not there . At that moment , he suddenly transformed into a giant snake .

The god who know about it to be angry with Hulogolik for failing to supervise its citizens ." Hi , Hulogolik ! Why did you attack the Walait without order? Because you have acted arbitrarily , then the punishment thrown you in the future as it will not rot anytime soon , "said the Lord in a dream Hulogolik .

Hulogolik was surprised when she woke up . He realized that he had been consumed by his men hasut it . However , what may be , for rice has become porridge . Hulogolik stay awaiting sentencing after he died later .

Meanwhile , isti Hulogolik has been reunited with his family . As they talked, suddenly there are people who mentioned about the loss of a resident on Lake Walait . He also admitted that he was the one separating the head and body of the Hulogolik men .

Heard the story , quick-quick runs towards the lake Hulogolik Walait . Arriving at the edge of the lake , suddenly a giant snake attack . The speed of the snake attacks to the point Hulogolik could not dodge . Finally , the Akeima chieftain was killed . His body was hard and black. Because nobody residents who witnessed the event , Hulogolik bodies still floating in the middle of the lake for days .

Residents who are in perkampung was getting anxious because their chiefs do not come home . Hulogolik wife also mobilized all citizens to look to Lake Walait . Saw the arrival of the people , the dragon immediately made ​​a big hole in the bottom of the lake and hid in it . He was afraid to go out because it would harm him .

Meanwhile , the new residents who arrived on the scene were struck by a body floating in the middle of the lake .

" Hey look , is not that the body Hulogolik ? " Shouted one resident ." Yeah , it seems right , " his wife said Hulogolik .

Some people immediately swam to the middle of the lake to retrieve the bodies Hulogolik . Not long after , the residents returned to the land by carrying the bodies of their chiefs . They then take the corpse back to the village to be buried in a honay ( Papuan traditional house ) . Miraculously , the corpse honay it really never rot.

Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Danau Walait Yang Keramat

Biwar is a handsome and gallant of Mimika, Papua , Indonesia . When he was still in the womb , his father was killed by a dragon attacked while wading through a river in the area Tamanipia . Therefore , since birth he was treated and educated by his mother alone and comes with a variety of knowledge . As an adult , Biwar intends to destroy the dragon that has eliminated his father's life . How do Biwar destroy the vicious dragon ? Follow the story in Dragon Conqueror Biwar story below !


Once, in Mimika , Papua , there is a village inhabited by ethnic group of Mimika . Livelihoods are memangkur sago which have been inherited by generations of their ancestors . Every day , both men and women , memangkur sago along the river in that area .

One day , some of the villagers were about to find sago by boat . In addition to carrying a hatchet and pickaxe tool , they also carry supplies such as food and beverages such as sago memangkur activity will take approximately two to three days .

After a long sail the river , they arrived at a place that a lot of sago trees . Eagerly , the men began to cut down trees that can be taken sago starch sari . After the fall , they stripped it of sago tree to get to the heart of sago in it . Then their hearts from the tree until it resembles mashed coconut pulp using a pickaxe . Collisions result is what is called the sago . Furthermore , the sago they collect in a container bamboo that have been split , and interfere with water .

After that , the women immediately squeeze the sago . This juice containing sago starch . To get the quintessence , the juice they let some time to extract the starch settle to the bottom of the container bamboo . After the juice turns from white to clear , clear water that they pass to the left is the core sediment sago . The sago core then they shape like a tennis ball or elongated like a rice cake . Furthermore , sago - ready cooked sago is they put in a container called Tumang , the baskets are made of rattan .

After raising all Tumang containing sago into the boat , the group was sailing down the river to get back to the township . When the boat they were traveling through the river in the area Tamanapia , seeokar dragon suddenly emerges from the water and immediately attacked them . Only once kibas , dragon tail boat capable of destroying it to pieces . No doubt , all passengers thrown and drowned in the river , except for a woman who is pregnant can save themselves .

Incidentally pregnant women able to grab one of the pieces of the boat that was destroyed when he was thrown into the river . Pieces of boat that was later made ​​as a buoy until he can get to the river bank and fled into the woods . To shelter from wild animals , the pregnant woman living in a cave that he found in the forest . In the pregnant state , the poor woman was trying to find the young leaves and roots to survive .

One day , she painstakingly struggled birth alone . On the authority of God , she delivered a baby boy a handsome and gave the name Biwar . Now , she is no longer lonely stay in the middle of the forest . He was caring and raising Biwar lovingly . When Biwar grows into a teenager, he taught a variety of science as a way of archery , trapping , and make a fire . In addition , he also taught Biwar play drums until adept at playing the instrument .

Several years later , Biwar has grown into a handsome young man , strong , and brave . Every day she helps her mother find a side dish with fish in the river way . She also helped her mother make a simple house called honai , namely indigenous Papuans house made ​​of wood with a conical roof of straw or reeds .One day , Biwar just got back from fishing in the river with a few big fish . Arriving in front of his house , he put the fish catch was on the ground while screaming for his mother .

" Mama ... , Mama ... , get out look! Biwar carry a big fish , " shouted Biwar .Heard his cry , his mother was out of the house as she asked , "Where did you get the fish , my son ? "" That Biwar fishing in a river in . The river was a lot of fish and the surrounding scenery is very beautiful , "said Biwar , " If Mama wanted to see it , tomorrow Biwar will show that place . "The mother accepted the invitation Biwar . The next day , they went to the river in question . Biwar mother was surprised when it arrived at the river . He immediately reminded of her late husband .

" Biwar , my son ! Behold , your father and his family and friends were killed in the river Mama park was attacked by a dragon ! "Said the mother recalled her past a very sad heart .Hear the sad story of her mother , Biwar determined to destroy the dragon . However , the mother stopped him.

" But , Biwar ! The dragon is very fierce , " his mother prevented ." Not Mama . Is not Mama has taught a variety of science Biwar ? With that science would destroy the dragon Biwar of killing Papa , "said Biwar .

The mother is unable to stem Biwar hard determination . Before carrying out his determination , Biwar with her mother went home to prepare all the necessary weapons . After preparing spears , machetes and arrows , Biwar also said goodbye to his mother to go find the dragon nest along the river .

" Be careful , my son ! " His mom said ." Well , Mama , " said Biwar as he left his mother .Arriving at the edge of the river , Biwar saw a cave believed to be the dragon's hideout ." I'm sure the dragon was certainly hiding in the cave , " muttered Biwar .

With the steps slowly , Biwar approached the cave . Arriving at the mouth of the cave , he immediately took tucked in his waist drums and blew it in order to lure the dragon out of the cave . The music played drums Biwar really attract the dragon. Not long after , there came a roar from inside the cave .

Hear the voice, the more convinced Biwar that in that cave dragon nest . He was soon ready with a machete in his hand as a precaution in case the dragon came to attack him . Sure enough , not long ago , the head of the dragon suddenly appeared at the mouth of the cave . Without thinking , Biwar immediately threw his spear into the dragon 's head and managed to wound him . Although badly injured , it still looks ferocious dragon . So before the dragon attacked , immediately revoke Biwar machete tucked in his waist ."Take vengeance on the father and family that you've destroyed in the river ," cried Biwar while beheading the dragon to the breaking point .

No doubt , the dragon fell limp in front of the mouth of the cave . Looking at it , quickly Biwar hoarding dragon body with rocks . After ensuring that the dragon really dead , he immediately went home to tell his success to his mother destroy the dragon . How glad the heart of the mother to hear the good news ." Dragon has received his punishment . Mama heart is relieved now , "said his mother , " Immediately make my boat and then we go back to the ghetto ! "

The next day , Biwar also makes a pretty small boat carrying them both . Within a few days , the boat was completed and made ​​ready for use . Finally , with the boat , with his mother Biwar sail the river to the land of her birth . Arriving at the village , they were greeted with joy by the locals . To celebrate the success of Biwar as a hero who had conquered the dragon , they held a festive party .

By : Cerita Rakyat Indonesia "Bahasa Inggris"

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